Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Final Group Project # 16

Edm 310 Final Reflection

Edm 310 is an environment full of learning about technology and of the different tools computers have to offer. The teacher challenges you to learn more about technology and the uses it has for people. The teacher encourages you to be creative with assignments and be curious about the world around us. The teacher is there to guide you through your learning process. Technology is growing everyday and we do not need to be left behind on the knowledge of these tools. These class offers practice in using different technology. Technology can change a boring classroom into a environment were the students love to learn. Edm 310 helps you collaborate with others around the world. It introduces the students with other educators and other people that are able to further your knowledge about education and technology. C4C's, C4T's, and C4K's were inspiring and fun to do. All of these allowed me to help and encourage others to blog. This class has taught me that technology is not as bad as it may seem.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Report on Collaboration for Project # 15 and #16

      Group Jaks  collaborated on both projects using Skype, Google docs and texting. The majority of our collaboration for the project was done through Google docs. We met in person to put together our ideas. We used Youtube to add background music. I movie was used to finalize the projects.  For our final project we wanted to be creative and show others how to change a boring class into a classroom filled with technology.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Blog Post #14

  Jose Picardo

      Mr. Picardo's blog is filled with stimulating posts and provides several different tools that are easily accessible by educators. Mr. Picardo has made using technology in the classroom seem simple. Before watching this video I never really thought about using any of the other tools Mr. Picardo suggested. I know plan to incorporate some of the tools he mentioned into my classroom. He suggests 10 tips on how to integrate the different forms of technology in the classroom. Here is a list of his tips:
1.Streaming Video
4.Interactive exercises
5.Interactive whiteboard
 7.Blogs and Wikis
8.Social networks
9.Internet tools
 His tips can be used to enhance student learning. I never thought about using music to enhance learning, but the more I think about it children tend to remember every word of a song. I will defiantly allow my students to create blogs and collaborate with each other.  Podcast are fun to create and it allows people to show their skills through video. Interactive exercises allows students to socialize and work with others to complete assignments.

Jose Picardo's Blog

 Mr. Picardo

My Teacher is an App

    This article talks about various students taking classes  from their home. The article is a radical rethinking of how education works. The post begins with a story about Noah Schnacky of Windermere, Fla. He  really did not want to go to algebra, so he decided he didn't want to. He  looked over the lessons he was supposed to complete that week for his  high school conducted entirely online. Noah clicked on his global-studies course and scanned the lengthy article. He then went ahead to the quiz and did a few problems until he became restless. Meanwhile, his sister Allison was working on a essay. She gained a new appreciation for history more than at her old school. At her old school, the teacher just stood and wrote on a chalk board. The article displays the pro's and con's  of taking classes online. A few states, found that students enrolled full-time in online schools score significantly lower on standardized tests and make less academic progress from year to year. Critics worry that kids in online classes do not know how to get along with others or participate in group discussions. Some researchers found that these students are testing below their original grade level in one or more subjects.

     Several public schools in Virginia, Georgia and Florida have required their students to take at least one online class to prepare them for college. I believe this  is an excellent idea. With the increasing developments of technology, I believe taking an online class with help the students learn how to use the technology. Also, I believe that home school students can have social issues, because they are not around peers. Ways that can help with this issue is to get the children involved in activities around the community. Online schools are not all that bad. With online schools, you can advance in your grade level and can graduate early. The students can do their work whenever they want and relax when they want. Children who take  online classes need all the support than can get. Children who are home schooled,  should have help  from their parents, tutor and other people to guide them through their materials. IPrep Academy is a online school where students are  given instruction by teachers on certain days, but the majority of the work is done on their own. I think a main point  the  article illustrates  is that teachers need  to adapt to the changing world and learn how to use technology to help their students learn. We need to rethink our teaching methods and students need to be challenged.
My Teacher is an App

My Teacher is an App

Kelly Hines: It's Not about the Technology

       In this post, Mrs. Hines talks about how technology is not the most important thing in the future. She believes that the different uses of technology are innovative tools for teaching and learning, but they are not the first things we need to use to initiate change in the classrooms. She displays four points that educators and others should focus on first when trying to make the classroom better. The first point was on how "Teachers must be Learners." Teachers need to be up to date on the current trends and tools that are developed. As teachers, we must know the educational background of our students when they enter our classrooms. Point two is that "learning and teaching are not the same thing." If a student has not learned anything from the lesson, then there was no teaching done at all. Mrs. Hines third point is that "technology is useless without good teaching." There are various technology tools to use, but these tools are useless unless we have teachers who are willing to innovate learning. Mrs. Hines fourth point is "Be a 21st Century Teacher Without Technology." She believes teachers can educate just as good without having to use technology. Teachers who encourage critical thinking, problem solving and creativity are doing their students a greater favor than those who misuse technology.

      I agree that we need to reinvent the way we teach today’s generation. I like that Mrs. Hines points out that no amount of technology is going to be effective without good teachers. Teaching with technology does not solve everything, because students learn in different ways. Technology may help students understand a subject matter better, but this is not the only way a teacher should educate her class. I will not depend on technology for teaching my students, I want to teach them. As a teacher, I will strive to make sure the children show they have learned what I have taught them. Also, I will never stop learning.


It's not all about Technology

 Karl Fisch: Is It Okay to Be A Technologically Illiterate Teacher?
     No one should be proud of not knowing how to use technology. I agree that all teachers should have some knowledge of technology tools. Computers, internet and other forms of technology have been around for a pretty good while, so people need to adjust to these developments and start to use them. A lot of jobs require the knowledge of computers. I think headteachers, principals and staff members need to be held accountable for whether they are technology literate or not. Although, I do not agree that school inspectors have to find alternative employment just because they are technologically-illiterate. Our students need to be prepared for the future and since technology is part of the future, they need to know how to use technology. Technology is a indispensable tool to help us teach, learn and grow. Also, it is a main source of how we communicate with each other. Therefore, technology needs to be known to all people.

 Technologically Illiterate Teacher

Project #15 Smartboard Instruction Part 2

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Final Report on PLN

      Over the semester my PLN has grown significantly. I have developed relationships with others educators  on twitter. These educators have furthered my knowledge in how to become an excellent teacher. I have the C4K student blogs  that I  visit frequently saved in my PLN. My PLN  is my entertainment and the way I socialize with others.  Over the following years my PLN will continue to grow. This is what my PLN looks like now.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Blog Post # 13

not being able to use electronic devices

       This activity was actually easier than I thought. I spent my Monday not  using any type of media device or  electronic entertainment. I had two classes during the day and two tests to study for, so it was actually good for me not to use these electronic devices.  I was able to accomplish tasks that I have tried to get done for several days. I was able to cook, clean, and play with my new puppy. I can deal with not being able to use the computer and be on my social media sites. The hardest part for me was not being able to use my cell phone or watch television. My cell phone is pretty much attached to me at all times. I was constantly wondering who was texting me or would I just happened to receive an emergency call. Because I was not able to watch tv, I missed two of my favorite shows. My fiance Collin was actually very supportive. He has a ten page paper to write, so this assignment worked out good for the both of us.

no television

       This activity helped me learn that media devices are not as important as everyone makes them out to be. I  learned that I need to make more time for myself and to relax.  Also, that using  media and electronic devices all the time can not be entirely good for a person's health.  I realized that tv shows have reruns, but time with your family may not.  My students will have to adjust to not using electronic entertainment and media devices all the time. The students will be able to use media devices on some assignments. I will use media devices to teach, but not for every lesson.  My classroom will be a fun learning environment.

Monday, April 23, 2012



Ms. Andrea Hernandez
      I commented on Ms. Hernandez's "Who Moderates Comments on Student Blogs?"

     My name is Allison Cullars, and I am  in Edm 310 at the University of South Alabama. I agree that by blogging students are involved in a learning experience. I to believe that some students should not be allowed to put whatever they want on their blogs. Teachers need to revise students blog post and comments in order to make sure students do not put anything negative. As for spam, it will always  be around we just have to be cautious and watch out for it. I like the way you handled the situation with the parent. I enjoy reading your post and plan to visit your blog often.

Mike Prater

Mr. Prater

      I commented on Mr. Prater's post titled "No More Teaching."  His blog post was about how schools are places to facilitate learning and of the rise in technology.

      My name is Allison Cullars and  I am in Edm 310 at the University of South Alabama.  I enjoyed reading your post. Technology is growing everyday therefore, our students  do not need to be left behind in learning the different technology. Teachers should never stop learning. I agree that we need to show our students that we care about them and will do anything to help them.  By showing the students we care, they are more than likely to pay more attention to us.  I like how you put that  "learning must be fun, but that  it doesn’t mean we need to put on a circus act with every lesson." Overall, great post I will defiantly be reading more of your posts.

       I commented on Mr. Prater's blog post titled "What Effective Principals do." This post stated what is expected from a  principal. Below is my comment to him.

      My name is Allison Cullars and I am in Edm 310 at the University of South Alabama. I enjoyed reading your post. It helped me realize just how important principals are and their roles in the school systems. This helped me see my role in how I should assist the principal. I have experienced principals that are nice people, but they were to nice to disicipline and often let people get away with things they shouldn't have. When I become a teacher, I hope to  work with  a principal that exhibits all of these standards.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Creativity and Curiosity: My Thoughts - Special Post #12A

 Curiour George

     Not all, but several schools  in the United States do not encourage students to be creative or allow them to be curious. In addition, students are not able to use their imagination and show how they really understand a subject matter. A lot of  teachers are ready to leave the classroom the time they walk in the door.  I think teachers  stick with the same boring routine of teaching because they are afraid of change and do not know other ways of teaching and using creativity. Some teachers may think that being curious and creative is a challenge. Also, a lot of people are under the impression that being curious can get you into trouble. Teachers fill facts into the students brains and do not let students think on their own, rather they are to assume everything the teacher says is true.

       A curriculum can be developed to increase the curiosity  and creativity of students. Teachers have to be up for a change. They have to be willing to have fun with the lessons and interact with the students. Students can  be curious and teachers can still make rules to follow. Teachers need to be reasonable and not set high expectations for their students They need to be willing to consider their students opinions. The class curriculum should be flexible and thought out thoroughly. Teachers can ask questions with each lesson that require the students to think critically. Also, teachers can give projects that allows the students to use their imagination, show their artwork, use technology tools,  and express their feelings. Nobody should be afraid of using technology.

      Teachers need to inspire students and be role models. The students increase in curiosity is determined by the delivery of the teachers message.The teachers need to stimulate  a certain idea or question in depth that will make the students wants  to research the topic on their own. Students are likely to follow what they see their teachers do. Curiosity fuels creativity. A teachers body language and excitement in delivering the lesson/assignment can stimulate students to be creative.

       I would have to say I am not a very creative person when it comes to school. I guess I haven't had a lot of  opportunities to be creative, until this class. Curiosity, wanting to inspire people, research and wanting to think outside the box can help me be creative. Teachers and schools can give me the opportunity to share my ideas.  I think if I was challenged more and given the opportunity to further explore  topics, then I would be more curious.  The role of teachers and schools is to mix things up and be willing to change plan. The teachers can ask me questions that do not have well known answers that will make me be curious to find out more on how I can solve  the question. 

Links to further your knowledge of  Curiosity and Creativity:

Curiosity fuels Creativity

Educating the next Steve Jobs

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Progress Report on Final Project #16

group jaks

Teacher, students, 1 super hero

We are creating a movie about how students seem like the day is dragging on and on and they are bored with the "normal lectures" that teachers give. We all know that sitting in a classroom for 7 hours a day can seem like forever especially when all it is is lecture and note taking. Have the superhero come in and show how a normal lecture could be turned into a fun, interactive, and creative day for the students. 

We collaborated on this project by using the following tools:
Google Docs: To gather ideas and plan the video
Telephone/Texting: To plan meeting day to record video
Email: To write up the movie script
Flip Camera: Use to record the video
iMovie: To finalize the movie and add music to the background

Sara Cardwell
Allison Cullars
Katelyn Gill
Jonathan Freeman

Blog Post # 12

About Creative Learning in the Classroom

After watching the video,  write one to two paragraphs describing the main point of the video and describe how you plan to use digital media and story-making  to further students education when you become a teacher. Also, describe why the use of different technology is important to use in a classroom.

     Students learn in various different ways therefore, there needs to be several ways in helping students to learn the different subjects. Creativity allows the students to use their imagination and show there true self. Creativity makes the learning environment fun. Creative learning in the classroom  is a film that inspires and instructs teachers to integrate digital media and story-making into their classrooms. By using digital media, the students were able to work together and  act out the lesson. Some students were actors and others were part of the camera crew. The  students were able to work with sound and video on the computer and camera.  All students gained the knowledge of using technology.
     When I become a teacher, technology will defiantly be incorporated into the classroom. Digital media is a great tool to help students understand concepts better because they are able to visualize the subject. I will use digital media to go over lessons. As a teacher, I will never let creativity be abolished from my classroom. I will let students use story- making to create lessons of their own.  They will  pick a  topic from the stories we cover in class and act out the parts.  The use of technology helps students learn from different  perspectives. My students will know about the expanding use and developments of technology and tools in the world. Technology allows people to communicate and collaborate with others around the world. It helps the students share their thoughts and opinions. Also, it is a good way to gather research.

Monday, April 16, 2012

C4K for April

Tom's Story about the School'd Picnic

Ilaria's Blog

     I commented on Ilaria's blogpost "Global Help." This post was about people in Africa having little to no water. She talked about how these people die of many diseases and that 85 percent receive water borne illness. She also had a video showing the Tom's Association and how we help people around the world receive a pair of shoes. Below is my comment to her.

    Hi, my name is Allison Cullars I am in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. I will be commenting on your blog post for the next three weeks. I enjoyed your interest in wanting to help people around the world. The video and pictures really got your point across. I loved this post, it really touched my heart. I feel awful that when I have plenty to drink, people in Africa have little to no water. The Toms association is a wonderful idea. People are able to buy a pair of shoes they like, while providing another person with shoes. I actually have a pair of Toms shoes. Your post has really inspired me to try and help more. Keep up the great work.

Ilaria's created a collage for the color blue for her next post. Below is my comment to her.
Ilaria your idea to create a collage about the color blue was a great idea. The pictures are beautiful and the links help people gather overall information about the pictures. Would love to read more of your posts. Keep up the good work.

Tom's Story

I commented on the blog post Tom Wrote a Story about the School Picnic. Her is my post to him
 My name is Allison Cullars and I am in Edm 310 at the University of South Alabama. I enjoyed hearing about the school picnic. Tom, it sounds like you and your friends had  a lot of fun playing in the park. I love going to the park because there is always a lot of activities to do there. Also, picnics are relaxing and it allows me to look at the beautiful area. What kind of games did you and your friends play? This was a great post.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Blog Post #11

Mrs. Cassidy

  I think it is a wonderful idea that these first graders have their own blogs. The blog allows them to let out their feelings and opinions and to have people comment on their ideas. All comments left on a child's page needs to be positive. The comments the students get from other people really inspire their work. The children are learning various types of internet tools, such as wikis and Skype. The students  are able to share their ideas and gather more information from other people and sites on the internet. Mrs. Cassidy is helping  the students open their minds to new technologies and allowing them to explore their creative side. The children really seem to be enjoying themselves while learning.

        I really enjoyed Mrs. Cassidy’s Skype interview. She said that she had been blogging for ten years and decided to get the students involved. She talked about the wide range of audience that students are able to communicate with. She then talked about the different uses of Skype and how it allows the students to listen to lectures from different teachers or professors  around the world. Skype is a great part of technology that teachers can use in their classrooms to further their students education. I agree with Mrs. Cassidy that if we are not using technology in the classroom then we are not only handicapping ourselves, but also our students. By incorporating different technologies into the learning experience, some students may be able to learn better that way. When I become a teacher I plan to incorporate creative ways for my students to use technology.

First Grader's in Mrs. Cassidy's Class

Skype interview with Mrs. Cassidy

Monday, April 2, 2012

Blog Post # 10


To Teach or to Educate
     I chose education as my major because I want to make a impact on a child's life. I love children and want to be a role model for them. I do not want to just teach, I want to be an educator. Indeed, I want to inspire children to learn and advance in their knowledge abilities. I  will not be that teacher that makes students just accept everything I say as facts. As a educator, I will be a mentor and help my students advance in their learning experiences. I will be an adviser and be there for every student that needs advise. I plan to make learning a fun experience. I will keep my students up to date  with the advancing technology and the experiences going on in the world.  We are constantly exposed to new things and are given the opportunity to share these experiences with others, therefore we have the chance to educate people everywhere we go.

"Don't Let Them Take My Pencils Home"
       This post is about  a   School Curriculum Instructional Interventionist Academic Specialist who confronts Mr. Spencer about allowing students to take pencils home.  She had a journal article about how students who use pencils at home have lower standardized test scores. It is absurd that an educator would prevent students from bringing home something as simple as a pencil. The Javi seemed more concerned about her reputation of being an educator and preventing low test scores. I like the approach Mr. Spencer took. He did not argue over the subject, but instead found solutions.  He met with the parents and students and explained ways that pencils could be used for learning. He worked with Mr. Brown to develop a parent- pencil program, where parents  learned certain skills  they were teaching students. As educators, we need to focus on the solution instead of  the problem. Do not keep fighting with the problem, instead fix it.  Schools have become more concerned about the measures to take to see that their scores on standardized tests are high and approved by state officials. Our goal as educators is to prepare our children for the future. We need to educate our students and not worry so much about what others think.
Mr. Spencer "Don't Let Them Take the Pencils Home"

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Blog Post # 9

Mr. McClung
     Mr. Joe McClung's first year (2008-2009) as a teacher was  spent in Noel, Missouri. At the beginning of the school year, Mr. McClung felt he was controlling things way to much. He would beat himself up for lessons that did not go the way he planned. Over the year, he learned several different ways on how to improve his classroom and to help other teachers. The most important decision he made during the year was to stay positive. McClung learned how to create the crowd for reactions.  Also, McClung  learned that communication is the best medicine for teachers and students. He says that teachers should never stop learning. We do not need to be afraid of technology and give up.  It is never to late to change  your teaching style and thinking. Teachers need to listen to their students, because sometimes the teachers are the only people that will listen to them. Teachers need to be reasonable with their students and not make to high of expectations for them.

       Mr. McClungs blog post gives a lot of excellent tips that I will use when I become a teacher. By reading the class, I will make sure every student understands the subject matter. All students should  clearly understand the subject matter before the teacher moves to a different topic. I agree, that communication helps students and teachers trust each other.  By communicating with my students, I will let them know I care. I  will  be there for my students to talk to. If a student falls short of the teacher's expectations, it can destroy the students confidence. I will be reasonable with my students and not give them excessively hard work. I will try to learn and teach my students about technology. Maybe the different forms of technology will help the students learn the subject matter better. By continuing my learning experience, I will have more intelligence on different subject matter and experiences. When I become a teacher, I hope to be like Mr. McClung and stay positive. I will not give up on myself. I really enjoyed this blog.

Mr. McClung

           Mr. McClungs 2010-2011 school year was spent being a first experience head coach, first experience coaching cross country, and first year as a applications teacher. This year he learned that it is easy to get wrapped up with trying to please everyone. He said, he started to just be himself and not worry so much about the perception that others have of him. Mr. McClung said that we need to remember the main reason  we got in this profession in the first place and  that was for the kids. He talks about teachers taking control of the assignments and completing  them for the students, because the students are having difficulties. If we do all the work for the students, they will not learn anything. Everyone is not going to be thrilled about changes. We cannot allow others to stifle our excitement and joy that we experience in teaching or in life. Teachers that had the  fire and excitement for the teaching profession seem to somewhere lose the excitement along the way. He learned that not falling in line with the rest of the crowd and being an outsider is not a bad thing. He did not eat his lunches with the other teachers in the lounge, because he ate with his students. By doing this, he made a better connection with his students. McClung's says that comfort and security does  not motivate individuals. Teachers need to step out of there comfort zone to reach out and help students. Teachers need to be involved in more activities around school than just being concerned about their classroom. The teaching profession needs individuals that are passionate and willing to exceed the demands of the regular teaching schedule.

       This post has helped me realize that I shouldn't try so hard to fit  in with all the other employees. The kids are the most important people I should be communicating with. I want to make a connection with my students. I agree that stepping out of our comfort zone will motivate the students more than just being plain and sticking with the same routine. Also, I agree that teachers need to let their students make mistakes and learn from them, besides correcting them 24/7 and giving them every answer. As a teacher, I should reach out to students in more ways than just in my classroom. I learned that I should relax and not over work myself. Also, that I should not get mad so easily when my class lessons do not fall in place like I planned.

Monday, March 26, 2012


circle of children image
I commented on Klaudia's blog post titled "My Day by Flapper." The post was about the experiences that took place in class from a fish's point of view. I told her that the post was interesting and that it was cool that it was written as if from a fish.  Also, I told her that goldfish are fun to watch.

Ilaria's blog was about her dog Juno. She told of the different breeds her dog was. She showed several pictures of her. Ilaria said that her parents got the dog from a pet shelter before she was born. Below is my comment to her.

 "I love your post about your dog Juno. These are great pictures of her. It is amazing that she is several different breeds and that she has lived  for so long. Is Juno the only pet you have? Overall, great post."

C4 Teachers # 3


I  commented on Ms. Andrea Hernandez blog post about using iPads to create ebooks with students in the second grade. I told her that it was amazing to hear that students in the second grade could work together and use iPads. Also, that this activity was a creative way for the students to learn. Her blog post has made me want to try out using a iPad and ebooks.

I commented on Ms. Andrea Hernandez post titled "Hitting Publish (once a week)." The post was about her making a goal to write a blog every week. She said that most people do not have "talkers block," but have "writers block." She is allowing her students to learn by doing. The students are able to create blogs and not worry excessively about making mistakes. Below is my post to her.

 "I love the idea of allowing your students to write blogs. I haven't long started writing blogs, so I am not that perfect at it. It takes me forever to click publish, because I can not really gather my thoughts of what I want to say. Also, I am afraid of making grammatical errors. I like your saying that the majority of people do not have "talkers block." I believe that with practice we will get better. I agree that the students can learn best my doing. Mistakes are not always bad, they can help people improve. Overall, great post."

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Blog Post #8

Dr. Richard. E. Miller
Dr. Richard E. Miller: This Is How We Dream Parts 1 and 2

    Richard Miller is a man full of wonderful ideas. He brought some great points out in his videos. Dr. Richard Miller elaborated on the changes of how we write. He offers useful tips on how technology can be used in the classroom. He addresses how writing  in today's culture has changed. We have evolved from writing with paper and pencil to using word processors. Communication with someone on the other side of the world is now instantly possible.

     Mr. Miller made the statement that "technology is an incremental change, not a fundamental change." Different forms of technology is being created everyday. Technology is not changing things all together, but it is making things easier for us. We have started using the desktop to write down our ideas. Computers correct  our grammar and written mistakes. Technology sets students mind at ease. We no longer have to step foot in the library to gather research, because now we can gather information from the web.

        Dr. Millers said "that Ideas don't belong to us individually, but belong to us as a culture." Everything we write on the web is freely available to others. Technology allows us to share our knowledge and collaborate with others.  As educators we should distribute information freely to help other teachers and  students. I'm personally not ready to write with multimedia yet. Although, one day I hope to be equip with the knowledge to use this in my classroom. My students will gain knowledge of this form of technology.
Richard Miller

 Carly Pugh Blog Post #12

       Carly's blog post was interesting and amazing to read. She took a lot of time and interest in the assignment.  She shared her ideas with others  and of  where she gathered her information from. When assigning her assignment, she  went in depth of describing how to do the assignment. She even gave an example of what the assignment should look like. She showed how using multimedia can help expand and express a person's feelings and knowledge. She displayed herself  as an inspiring teacher of new media. I love the topics she decided to use in her playlist. I to believe teachers should have a philosophy and be able to show what they expect from their students. I enjoyed all the videos throughout the post.
carly pugh

The Chipper Series/ EDM 310 For Dummies

         I enjoyed both of these videos. Indeed, they were  very inspirational.  Both videos were hilarious. I  have not had many of those frustrating times  that Chipper experienced. These videos display how people express the different opinions they have.  I would like to make a beneficial video  acting out a book I have read.  The video will express my  imagination and creative abilities. This will help others  understand the subject matter and plot of the story. Also, I would like to create a video displaying the steps of how to create and organize a PLN.

Learn to Change, Change to Learn

       This was a great video, because it demonstrated how society needs to have an impact on education.  I was amazed to see how a  lot of  people do not even value technology and take education seriously. Technology is not all bad. It allows people to be creative and learn more globally. Technology can provide the best quality in classrooms. It is great to learn hands on and to explore.  I believe that students should not just memorize facts, but they also need to know how to apply the facts. Technology allows this to happen.
 I think that every classroom should be kept up to date with the advanced technology.  We as future teachers should not be left behind in a world that is advancing forward. If the non school related sites were blocked, then there should be no problem with students using technology to learn.

 Scavenger Hunt 2.0 by Justin Cometti

This activity is interesting and actually fun to create. This assignment allows you to explore and learn excellent sites to help further your teaching and learning abilities.  It just take a lot of time to complete.

     In  2008, Nic Borg and Jeff O'Hara set out to create a tool that closes the gap between how students live their lives and how they learn in school. Teachers and students are able to sign up and create a account for free. No premium membership is offered to the site. Edmodo.com is recommended for all teachers in all areas of education. 

       Edmodo.com is an amazing site for teachers to help their students advance in all subjects. Teachers put all their classes in groups. Edmodo allows the teacher to post grades, quizzes, homework and classroom assignments. The calendar can help teachers and students now when assignments are due and what events are coming up. The site allows you to reach out and communicate with other teachers. It even lets you post a status. Teachers are able to establish discussions that all students are able to participate in. This site is actually interesting. 

     Adam Fischer  created Prezi  as an architectural visualization tool. It  offers a license to students and teachers.  People are able to create an account for free. Edu Enjoy subscription allows us to create our own presentations without having the Prezi logo watermarked on our presentation. Prezi can store up to 500mb of presentations.

      Text, images and videos  are placed on a canvas and can be grouped together in frames. Users  decide the relative size and position of the presentations. People can  pan and zoom in and between these objects. To create linear presentations, users can construct a prescribed navigation path.


   This app lets teachers create videos for structural learning. There are three different packages to chose from the  lite, plus or pro packages. The lite package is free, plus package is thirty dollars a year and pro is two hundred and forty dollars. Educators can apply for the plus package for free.

     Any subject matter can be covered  by using animoto. Educators have unlimited amounts of videos. This app enhances the digital classroom and help the lessons come to life.

3. Comic Strip
My comic strip would not post, so here is the link to see it.

Comic strip

4. Kids' Vid

        The site was created by Mike Keating. He is a professional videographer and instructor. Keating developed a manual for integrating video into the classroom as part of his Master's thesis at Montana State University. Kids' Vid  offers teachers and students assistance in enhancing learning through the power of digital media. This site  gives teachers and students the tools necessary to create a video production in the classroom. It provides the tools and the means for students to create and display  work in a new, exciting and engaging way. Kids' Vid  is appropriate for all age groups. Kids' Vid creates a network of classrooms around the world that instigates joint productions. It has four sections scripting, editing, making, and showtime. 

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Monday, March 5, 2012

PLN Project # 10


       This a screen shot of what my PLN looks like. A lot of  the sites I was already apart of. Sites I recently joined were twitter, skype and delicous.  Twitter has allowed me to follow and communicate with several people.  A lot of my followers happen to be educators. I started following people such as, Scott McLeod, Angela Maiers, Paula Naugle and Miguel Guhlin.  I have gained a  lot of knowledge by reading there posts. Some of there post refer to education and others are about everyday life. Also,  I tweeted how music has always been a great impact on my life and asked how could I use music to help my students learn when I become a teacher. Hopefully someone will tweet me back.  At first I was a little confused on how to use twitter, but with some practice I am actually getting the hang of it. I find twitter to be a fun way to communicate with others around the world. Skype has allowed me to communicate with my family that I do not get to visit everyday. Indeed, my PLN will grow more everyday.